Asia scholarships for
postgraduate students

Find scholarship opportunities in Asia for postgraduate students.

Asia scholarships for postgraduate students

Asia Pacific University

Auckland University of Technology

Beijing Government

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Chinese Government

Chulalongkorn University

Hong Kong Government

Indian Council for Cultural Relations

Japanese Government

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Japan Student Services Organization

Keio University

Kochi University of Technology

Korea University

Korean Government

  • Korean Government Scholarship Program

Malaysian Government 

  • Malaysia International Scholarship
  • Malaysian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

Massey University

New Zealand Government

Peking University

Singapore International Graduate Award

Sogang University

  • Sogang Global Scholarship

Taiwan Government

Tsinghua University

University of Auckland

University of Canterbury

University of Otago

University of Science and Technology of China

University of Tokyo

University of Waikato

Victoria University of Wellington

Wellington North Rotary