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NZ Honorary Advisers

Hon Philip Burdon

Foundation Founder

Hon Philip Burdon has had a distinguished career across the fields of law, business, and politics.

He graduated in law from Canterbury University, working initially as a lawyer and law lecturer before moving into the private sector in 1970, with the establishment of a highly successful food processing company.

Mr Burdon is a leading member of the New Zealand business community, holding positions on the boards of several New Zealand and Australian corporations. He has sat on various private sector boards. Mr Burdon began his political career in 1981 as a member of parliament for the National Party. 

Mr Burdon was appointed to the New Zealand Cabinet in 1990 and held a number of senior ministerial portfolios including Minister of Commerce, Minister for State-Owned Enterprises and Minister for Trade Negotiations. He retired from politics in 1996.

In 2022 the Foundation recognised the important role Philip Burdon played in the establishment of the Asia New Zealand Foundation by recognising him, alongside Sir Don McKinnon, as a Foundation Founder.