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Arina Aizal

Arina Aizal is the community connector and youth coordinator at Otago Access Radio. She connects the diverse multicultural communities and young people in Dunedin through radio shows and podcasts. She is passionate about including and empowering the quiet voices in the community. She also has her own radio show and podcast - ‘The Arinality’ focussed on cultural identities of women in Aotearoa, which is aired on several access radio stations across New Zealand. 

Arina recently graduated in psychology and gender studies at the University of Otago and was involved in student politics as the elected 2020 OUSA international students’ representative. She was also an ambassador for Education New Zealand, University of Otago and an international student wellbeing app 'YOLO'. 

Arina has written articles for Education New Zealand and IDP Education Australia. She was acknowledged by the Asia New Zealand Foundation as one of the 25 to Watch under education category.

Arina uses her Instagram @arinaaizal to share about multiculturalism and owning one's cultural identity. She enjoys learning about cultural values and wellbeing practices from different cultures. She is studying Korean as her third language. Her ‘why’ is to empower women of culture to feel safe and belonging in any of their spaces.