Think Asia

Asia will play a defining role in the lives of young New Zealanders currently going through our education system – in their careers, their economic prosperity, their personal relationships and their life experiences. New Zealand businesses want employees who have Asia-related skills and knowledge, including languages and cultural competencies.

Students talk about including more Asia content in school curriculum

Asia New Zealand Foundation research – Losing Momentum – School Leavers’ Asia Engagement – shows more than half of New Zealand students do not see a link between Asia’s importance to New Zealand and their careers.

Fewer than one in 10 fit the definition of being “Asia-ready” – which includes factors like understanding of cultural perspectives and the ability to communicate beyond a superficial level in an Asian language.

More than half of school leavers feel they are not prepared to engage with the peoples and cultures of Asia here in New Zealand.

The Foundation has launched our Think Asia project in response to these research findings.  Think Asia is how the Asia New Zealand Foundation is framing our various pathways for young New Zealanders to equip themselves to thrive in Asia. This work extends across all programmes in our organisation.

We have a lot of exciting “Think Asia” opportunities, including:

#ThinkAsia is also a call to action to young New Zealanders that the Foundation promotes through its social media, newsletters, events and activities.