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Boot Camp looks at the future of NZ's food and fibre industry

Leadership Network member Florence Van Dyke outlines her key takeaways from the Te Hono Bootcamp - a conference looking at the opportunities and challenges facing of NZ’s food and fibre sector.

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Leadership Network member turning reject cherries into winning desserts

Read about how Leadership Network member Cleo Gilmour and three friends founded their award-winning start-up turning unwanted cherries (and now black currants and kiwifruit) into delicious desserts.

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Leadership Network member gains invaluable skills on WHO internship

Leadership Network member Sophia Faure describes her internship in the Philippines with the WHO and reflects on how the experience has benefitted her work with the Ministry of Health.

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Looking to the past to inform our future

Leadership Network member Emily Wilby reflects on attending the network's Otago History Hui and looks at how racism and racist policies are impacting Chinese New Zealanders to this day.

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Leadership Network member growing Yeyo in China

We chat with Leadership Network member Christiana Zhu about establishing her coconut yoghurt brand Yeyo, a journey she set out on in no small part thanks to her connections in the network.

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Finding wellbeing more than just a personal quest

Leadership Network member Dr Angela Lim, who spoke at the recent Wellbeing Hui, reflects on what was discussed at the hui and takes a look at what wellbeing means to her.

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Sustainability: farming must become part of the solution

Farming needs to be seen as part of the solution, not the problem, when it comes to sustainability, says Leadership Network member Nick Aubrey.

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Hui sheds light on the lives of first Chinese in Otago

Sixteen Leadership Network members explored the history of Chinese in Otago this month, learning from academics and lived experiences to shed light on this part of New Zealand’s history.

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Leadership Network member breaking ground for a new generation of female entrepreneurs

Leadership Network member Magdeline Huang is forging a career in an industry where women are a rare thing, winning accolades along the way while also helping other young women achieve their goals.

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Voices from Asia - NZ businesses must stay engaged

We talk to NZ's trade commissioner to Shanghai Richard Dunsheath about life in (post-Covid?) Shanghai and how the pandemic has impacted Chinese consumer behaviour and NZ businesses operating there.

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Communities unite to remember ancestors lost at sea

Leadership Network member Ben Matthews looks at the sinking of the SS Ventnor off the Hokianga coast in 1902, which set in motion a story of connection between local Māori and the Chinese community.

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Mentoring the next generation of Kiwi leaders

Leadership Network members reflected on the first year of the Mentorship programme and prepared the new cohort for the year ahead at a hui held in April.

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