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Education Champions

Vicky Lui

Vicky is a teacher at Takapuna Primary School. Vicky wanted to become a Champion because she sees this as an opportunity to help teach, facilitate, and/or organise events/programmes/groups to bring more awareness of Asian culture to children and their community.

Vicky believes it is important for teachers and students to have an understanding of Asia because it will help many students realise that it is okay to celebrate their bi/multicultural backgrounds. She hopes as understanding and acceptance of the Asian cultures increases, it will help reduce racism. She says Asia will provide many opportunities for students, so it is essential to equip children with the latest knowledge and skills in this area.

Vicky has been part of organising the school's Asian Culture Celebration Day, and was co-leader of the Asian Performance Group, which performed to the school at the end of last year. In addition to this, Vicky teaches basic Japanese to a group of students during lunchtime as an extracurricular activity.