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Margie Hunt

Margie is currently the Auckland Board Chair at the New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology. She has a passion for farming and has experience throughout the supply chain, from harvest and production through to the development of value-add consumer-ready products.

Margie is an active Leadership Network member and has taken part in a number of network opportunities, including attending the Rethinking Leadership Hui, Agribusiness Hui and Japan Hui. 

On her experience at the Agribusiness Hui, Margie says, “Perspectives changed with deepened understandings of everyone’s backgrounds, cultures, and industries. This can only be described as an enriching experience to enhance the way that we personally approach our own work in our respective enterprises.

“I left feeling inspired and in awe of the incredible achievements everyone has made in their careers and in life. It is clear that despite the hurdles, everyone has forged their own path and are incredible change makers in their own right.

“Often it is hard to articulate the real value of these experiences as it is not until later that we become truly aware of the knowledge, relationships, and deepened understanding that we have when we find ourselves faced with new opportunities.”