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Alexia Hilbertidou

Described by the NZ Herald as the headmistress of Gen Z, Alexia is the founder of GirlBoss NZ - NZ's largest organisation for young women. Founded when Alexia was just 16, GirlBoss now has 17,500 members. Alexia’s mission is to get women to the table - the boardroom table that is, and she believes the decisions made while young are crucial in paving the way.

She studied Leadership for Change at the University of Cambridge and holds a Masters in Emerging Technologies.

Alexia has received numerous awards for her work, including being named Pacific Young Entrepreneur of the Year and was a finalist for World Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Alexia was also awarded a Queen's Young Leader Award for Services to the Commonwealth by Her Majesty, The Queen, and is the youngest Commonwealth citizen to hold this honour.