Leadership Network
Travel Fund

The Leadership Network Travel Fund supports members to travel to attend opportunities that help with their studies, leadership, professional development, or building of Asian expertise and networks.

About the fund

Travel Fund are up to $2,000 per grant and cover reimbursement of costs associated with travel, for example airfare or ground travel, or for accommodation if transport is provided by a host.

The Travel Fund helps to:

  • Support network members’ professional development
  • Increase network members’ Asia knowledge and skills
  • Equip members to contribute to national/international networks and events
  • Support members participating in workshops and conferences.

The Travel Fund is not for living expenses, travel insurance or any other incidental costs. 

The fund will only support international travel that is in line with New Zealand SafeTravel advisories. 

Please note that applications must be made in advance of the event – at least two months prior. Retrospective funding cannot be provided. 

Submit your application (see details below) and we will get back to you within a month of your submission.


Applicants must:

  • be current members of the Asia New Zealand Foundation Leadership Network
  • be actively engaged in the Network or with the Foundation
  • give sound reasons for applying for the Travel Fund
  • have not been awarded a Travel Fund within the current financial year (1 July – 30 June).

Successful applicants will be required to sign an agreement for funding, which will specify the conditions of the grant.


To apply for the Leadership Network Travel Fund, you must submit a completed travel fund application form outlining clearly your reasons for applying for funding.

If applicable, a scanned or PDF version of proof of attendance/invitation must also be submitted.

Selection process

Up to 10 grants of up to $2,000 per year can be allocated at the discretion of the Leadership Network’s panel. If in any intake there are no candidates of sufficient merit, no grants will be made.

All applications will be assessed by a panel that includes Foundation staff and current members of the Leadership Network Advisory Board.


Travel fund frequently asked questions

What type of opportunities will you fund?

The Travel Fund is to support members with travel to attend opportunities that will help further their study, leadership, professional development or buidling of Asian expertise and networks. Opportunities need to align with the mission of the Network and the Foundation.

Please note that we will not be funding business internship opportunities. If you would are interested in interning in Asia, check out our business internships.

What can I use the money for?

The Travel Fund can be used to cover costs associated with travel (including airfares or ground travel), or for accommodation if transport is provided by a host. You will be required to provide the Foundation a financial record of how the funding was used.

What if I have funding from other sources?

It is likely you will have multiple sources of funding to support your opportunities. We request that you disclose what other funding you have available, especially any that might also cover your travel expenses.

If you receive additional funding to cover your expenses after your Travel Fund application has been successful, we expect you to let us know. Please respect that the Foundation can’t duplicate funding you have received from another source.

I’ve received funding from the Travel Fund in the past, can I apply again?

Yes, you can apply again – as long as it is not in the same financial year as your previous funding. If you have been successful in a fund, you will have to wait until the next financial year to apply again. 

Last time I applied I was rejected, can I apply again?

Yes, we encourage you to apply for any opportunity that meets the requirements of the fund. If you are re-applying for the same opportunity, we recommend that you request feedback to be clear as to why your initial application was unsuccessful.

What if I don’t spend all the money?

Any unspent funds must be returned to the Foundation. A written report including a financial record of expenses must be provided to the Foundation.

How will my application be evaluated?

Your application is evaluated by a panel including Advisory Board members and Foundation staff. Applications are evaluated accorded to how well:

  • Your opportunity aligns to the strategic direction of the Foundation and the Network
  • Your opportunity supports your professional and/or leadership development.
  • You will amplify your experience to the wider Network and the Foundation’s stakeholders. Supporting the Foundation with content (e.g. web stories, a write-up for the Foundation’s Asia Media Centre, or being able to present on your experience at a Network event) are examples of this.
  • You are actively engaged in the Network (see below)
  • You mitigate any risks (e.g. reputational, health & safety) that funding your activity might pose to the Foundation, the Network, or other participants.

How ‘actively engaged’ in the Network do I need to be?

There is no hard and fast rule on this. We take into account what has been available to you, and different ways to engage. If you have attended events in the past 12 months, tell us which ones.

If you have engaged more informally with members, let us know how. If you haven’t been able to attend the Foundation’s events, then let us know what you have been doing elsewhere to further the mission of the Network and the Foundation.

I’m new to the Network, and have only attended the induction. Can I still apply?

Yes! You’re eligible to apply for Travel Fund grants as soon as you have participated in an induction programme.

Can offshore members apply?

Absolutely. You don’t have to be travelling from New Zealand to be eligible to apply for this fund. 

What responsibilities do I have if I received the funding?

If you are a successful recipient of the Travel Fund grant you are required to ensure that you:

  • have appropriate visa, passport, and insurance coverage for the trip
  • have had the appropriate vaccinations for the trip (your grant money can be used to cover this)
  • provide the Foundation with narrative and financial reporting on progress and outcomes of your opportunity within two weeks of completion
  • share a few short emails updates during the trip, and within two weeks of returning an article the Foundation can promote on the website with photos
  • acknowledge the support you have received from the Founadtion in any promotional activities (verbal or written), and share links with the Foundation.

What does the fund cover?

The fund covers or contributes to costs associated with domestic travel, i.e. airfare or ground travel and accommodation. It is for actual costs only up to $500 dollars.

For travel by air, the grant amount depends upon which city you are travelling from.

  • Wellington or Auckland: up to $250 return (seat only, not including bags)
  • Regional North Island: up to $350 return (seat only, not including bags)
  • South Island: up to $400 return (seat only, not including bags)

If you are not flying, we will cover reasonable expenses such as train tickets or petrol. For accommodation we will cover up to $150 dollars a night.

The fund is not for other expenses, such as food or any other incidental costs. Recipients are expected to follow Ministry of Health guidelines if we are under Covid-related restrictions.

The applications must be made in advance of the event – at least four weeks prior. Retrospective funding cannot be provided.

 For example

If you were to travel from Auckland to Wellington to deliver a keynote at a Asia-focused event and planned to stay overnight to attend the conference dinner, you could apply for $400 dollars. This would include your flights (up to $250) and $150 dollars for the accommodation.

Still have a question?

Get in touch at [email protected] or contact any current member of the Advisory Board. You can reach the current Leadership Network Advisory Board at [email protected].