Leadership Network Mentorship Programme

The Asia New Zealand Foundation Leadership Network Mentorship Programme aims to forge connections between our leaders, providing opportunities to share and gain knowledge and grow their confidence and skills to be great leaders.

The mentorship programme will enable deeper connections between the leaders of today with the leaders of tomorrow and provides further opportunities for professional development for network members.

The programme provides a way for more experienced members, and particularly graduated members, to give back to the network and continue their involvement.

Our leaders will be able to take part in the mentorship programme as of 2020. With monthly catch-ups and a Mentorship Hui to elevate the skills of mentors, the programme will open discussions about future careers, professional development, building confidence, expanding networks and the role of Asia your future.  

The Foundation will be the facilitator of these relationships and act as Kaitiaki of the programme. We will match mentors with mentees, equip participants with the skills and knowledge to develop the relationship, ensure these relationships are kept on track with commitments being met and be the main point of contact for any concerns throughout the year.

Who can be a mentor/mentee?

All members of the Leadership Network are eligible to apply, including those who have been graduated. All applicants must be able to commit to the year-long length of the programme, which includes monthly catch-ups with your mentor/mentee (preferably face-to-face).

We will also be accepting offshore members to participate in the programme. They will be included the Mentorship Hui virtually.

There are no age limits of who can be a mentor/mentee, but we are targeting for those in their 30s to be mentoring those in their 20s. We also welcome for members to apply for both mentor and mentee positions in the same year, but please be aware that the limited intake for the year may mean you only get selected for one role.

No previous experience of mentoring is required to take part. Mentors and mentees will attend a hui in May which will provide training in how to navigate the relationship for the year ahead.

What is the timeline

 1 December 2021: Applications open for mentors and mentees

16 January 2022: Applications close for the mentorship programme (Closed)

Mid-February 2022: Applicants will be notified of selection

8 – 10 April 2022: Mentorship Hui weekend. This will be a chance for skills training for mentors, as well as a chance for mentor/mentees to first connect.

April 2021 – March 2022: Mentors and Mentees to meet minimum once a month (preferably face-to-face). Every three months surveys will also be sent out to check in on the relationship and monitor progress.

March 2022: Conclusion of this round of the mentorship programme. There will be regional networking events in Auckland and Wellington as a formal event for the closure of the relationships. 

Why should I get involved?

Mentorship is a two-way relationship, with mentors and mentees learning equally from each other, and building up life-long skills from the relationship.

These relationships will help to foster an environment that will enable open discussions about future careers, professional and leadership development, building confidence, expanding networks and the role of Asia in your future.


Being a mentee will provide an opportunity to connect and build a close relationship with a more experienced member of the Leadership Network. Having a mentor is a fantastic way to consider and plan your professional and leadership journey. This relationship with your mentor is designed to help guide you in whatever you are aiming to achieve.


Being a mentor is a very rewarding experience. It will allow you to build a close relationship with the newer or younger members of the network and provide you with the opportunity to give back and impart knowledge you have gained through your time in the Leadership Network. You help the mentee with their general learning, professional and leadership development, while mentees provide you with the opportunity to develop their communication and guidance skills.

What does the programme involve?

Participation in the Mentorship Programme is a year-long commitment. Throughout the year you are expected to attend the Mentorship Hui (8 – 10 April 2021), hold minimum once-a-month catch ups (face-to-face where possible), and complete quarterly surveys to update the Foundation on your progress. There will also be regional events held at the end of the year allowing for a formal closure to the relationship and provide a chance to reflect on your time in the programme.

How do I apply?

The 2022 application round has closed.

What is the selection process?

After applications have been received, the Foundation will match mentors and mentees. This will be done on the basis of location, shared interest, and the appropriateness/benefits of a potential match.

Once the matches have been made, prospective mentors and mentees will have the opportunity to accept the person they have been matched with. Due to the limited intake a second match cannot be guaranteed if the mentor or mentee does not accept the match.

After matches have been made and confirmed, attendance at the Hui will be arranged, where mentors and mentees will receive training and have the opportunity to meet face-to-face for the first time.

What is the Mentorship Hui?

The Foundation will host all mentors and mentees at a Mentorship Hui at the start of the programme (9-11 April 2021). The Foundation will cover return flights and accommodation of New Zealand-based participants to attend this weekend.  Offshore participants will be provided the opportunity to connect virtually during the hui.

The Mentorship Hui is a chance for mentors and mentees to meet for the first time, start to get to know each other and establish some goals for the relationship. The hui is also a chance to learn more about the programme, its requirements, and gain some skills that will assist you for the year ahead.

Hear some mentorship reflections from network members attending the 2021 Mentorship Hui.

Code of Conduct

Participation in the mentorship programme requires strict adherence to its code of conduct, which is in addition the Leadership Network code of conduct.

If you would like to read the Leadership Network general code of conduct click here.

Further Questions?

Check out our FAQs (below) or email [email protected]


Can I be a mentor and mentee?

Yes, we are happy to have people act as both mentor and mentee in one year. However, please note that a match in both regards is not guaranteed due to the limited intake.

Can I be a mentor and mentee?

Yes, we are happy to have people act as both mentor and mentee in one year. However, please note that a match in both regards is not guaranteed due to the limited intake.

How many people can I mentor?

For the first year we will be limiting mentors to one mentee. However, if there are unexpected early closures on some matches (i.e. a mentor is no longer able to commit), we may reach out to individuals to take on another mentee.

How many years can I participate in the programme?

While the programme is limited to one-year mentor/mentee relationships, we are happy for individuals to become a part of the programme again in the next year. However, please note you will not be matched with the same person again, and acceptance in the second year will have to take into consideration a limited intake.

I have someone in mind, can I select my mentor/mentee?

No. You’re more than welcome to connect with other leadership network members outside of the mentorship programme, however the selection committee will make all final decisions on matches for those taking part in the programme. However, you would be welcome to mention this preference in your application.

What happens if it doesn’t work out?

If – for whatever reason – it doesn’t work out with your mentee/mentor early in the relationship (i.e. 1-3 months) the Foundation will try to rematch where possible. This could mean asking a mentor to take on a second mentee. However, if the relationship breaks down later into the year (i.e. 6 months) then the mentor/mentee may have to wait until the next intake. We will evaluate the causes when looking at next steps.


The Foundation will cover the travel and accommodation costs associated with attending the Mentorship Hui.

What happens at the end of a programme?

There will be evening events held in Wellington and Auckland that will provide a formal closure at the end of the programme. We obviously hope that the connection you have created will last into future years, beyond the involvement of the Foundation.

LN’s are also more than welcome to participate in the mentorship programme again, but with a different match.