Leadership Network Advisory Board - call for expressions of interest

​​We’re looking for three Leadership Network members to join the Advisory Board for a ​three​​​-year term​,​ ​one of whom will be a member of the network's Te Kāhui Māori.

What does it mean to be an Advisory Board member? 

Being on the board means being part of a diverse group of ngā rangatira (leaders) who provide feedback and advice to the Leadership Network management team, provide input on decisions about opportunities for the Leadership Network and champion the Leadership Network within their respective areas of interest.

Advisory Board members are selected to help represent, highlight and uplift the diverse voices of our Leadership Network - ethnically, culturally, regionally and spiritually.

The Advisory Board also has a responsibility to foster a safe and inclusive environment for the whole network, ensuring that members have the confidence to share any ideas or concerns.

This opportunity is for current Leadership Network members only

What's involved in being on the board?

Advisory Board members are expected to:

  • attend three​ advisory board​ meetings a year (in person​ if based in New Zealand​ and ​online​ if overseas based​).  The first meeting of 2024 is on the weekend of 15-16 June​
  • attend ​and support ​the yearly Leadership Network induction to formally welcome new members to the network​
  • represent the Advisory Board at other Leadership Network and Foundation events
  • be prepared for all meetings and take ownership when required to support the Leadership Network.

The role commences ​​​​​ in June 2024. The Advisory Board will be comprised of a total of eight members in 2024.

Costs to attend meetings are covered by the Foundation.

You will: 

  • ​​​gain valuable governance experience and skills
  • ​​​have the opportunity to work closely with the other members on the Advisory Board and the management team
  • ​​​ ​​represent and act as the voice of the network to the Foundation
  • ​​provide advice and feedback on Leadership Network activities
  • ​​​have a role at the annual induction for new members
  • raise your profile among your peers and the network
  • ​​​have the opportunity to raise project, initiative and event ideas. ​​​​

​​​ ​​​​ ​​ For more information on the role and mahi of the Advisory Board see the terms of reference here.

How to apply?

To apply, please submit a letter (no more than a page) outlining why you would like to become an Advisory Board member and what you would bring (e.g. skills, experience, diversity) to the Advisory Board.  Iwi affiliations can be included if relevant.

Applications should be submitted to leadershipnetwork@asianz.org.nz by ​14 January 2024.

 If you are interested in applying, or would like more information, the current Advisory Board are keen to connect with you. ​

You can reach out to the current members at LNadvisoryboard@asianz.org.nz.

All Advisory Board members are happy for you to reach out with them individually online or in-person, with location as below.

  • Auckland: Jenny Cheng, Toby Jordan
  • Wellington: Justine Roberts
  • Christchurch: Mat Logan, Kauri Tearaura
  • Dunedin: Arina Aizal
  • Tokyo: Kaleb Uri-Ke

Selection criteria

Membership of the Advisory Board will be by invitation of the Foundation’s deputy executive director on recommendation of the Advisory Board.

 To ensure the board has diverse perspectives and represents the network membership, geographic location, professional sector, demographics, skills and expertise will be taken into account when selecting candidates.

 Applicants will be advised of the outcome by 1 March 2024. Unsuccessful candidates will be provided feedback on their applications.

This opportunity is for current Leadership Network members only