The Future of Consumption - Aspire Asia Aotearoa

Join the Asia New Zealand Foundation and the Auckland Business Chamber for a half-day summit that takes a deep dive into the impact sustainability practices, vertical farming and cell-based cuisine is having on the future of food.

The future of consumption is constantly evolving, with new technologies and innovative practices transforming the way we consume food and the sustainable practices we adopt. From sustainability and vertical farming to cell-based cuisine, the future of consumption is full of exciting developments. 

Business leaders from throughout Asia will discuss the forces, the opportunities, and the challenges that are shaping the future of consumption.

Speakers: Brian Cu, CEO and Co-founder of SariSuki and Dr. Sandhya Sriram, Group CEO and Co-founder of Shiok Meats Pte. Ltd., Singapore.

Keynote speakers

Brian Cu
CEO and Co-founder of SariSuki

Brian Cu is a highly accomplished serial entrepreneur, renowned for his success in building multi-billion dollar companies. He was a co-founder and CFO of Gojek, Indonesia’s first unicorn company, and served as the head of Grab Philippines, overseeing the operations of the country’s largest ride-hailing and food delivery platform. With his latest venture, SariSuki, Brian aims to revolutionize the agricultural supply chain and provide income opportunities to individuals through social commerce.

In addition to his achievements with Gojek, Grab, and SariSuki, Brian is also the co-founder of Zalora Philippines and served as the Managing Director, where he introduced the cash-on-delivery service to the Philippine eCommerce market. Prior to his entrepreneurial career, he worked as a project leader at the Boston Consulting Group, where he gained experience in sales and distribution, and marketing for various industries.

Brian holds a major in Finance and a minor in Technopreneurship from the National University of Singapore, graduating with first-class honors. He is a firm advocate of leveraging technology for social impact and empowering individuals through entrepreneurship.

Dr. Sandhya Sriram
Group CEO and Co-founder of Shiok Meats Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Dr. Sandhya Sriram is the Group CEO and Co-founder of Shiok Meats Pte. Ltd., Singapore, the first cultivated seafood & meat company in Southeast Asia and the first cultivated Crustacean company globally.

With her at the helm, Shiok Meats has raised USD 30 Million in funding since its inception in 2018 from a global suite of investors – USA, Europe, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. Shiok Meats also acquired Gaia Foods, a cultivated red meat company headquartered in Singapore.

A stem cell biologist and scientist by training and education, a former business development professional, a serial entrepreneur, and a thought leader, Sandhya was recently named as part of the 2021 class of Bloomberg New Economy Catalysts and as one of Forbes Women in Tech.

She is also an advisor and investor to trailblazing Food Tech start-ups and has spoken at leading industry conferences worldwide. A proud mother to a 9-year-old son and a 2-year-old daughter, a conscious lifestyle blogger, and an avid traveller, Sandhya likes to call herself a productive juggler.