Ramat Kor Kur

Ramat Kor Kur is the first exhibition of Ainu art to come to Aotearoa and includes the work of four Ainu artists: Akemi Shimada, Koji Yuki, Sayo Ogasawara and Atsushi Monbetsu.

Ainu meaning human, distinguishes the Ainu people from kamui or divine beings, which Ainu believe reside in all natural objects.

Formally and legally recognised as an indigenous people of Japan in 2019, the Ainu have their own distinct language and culture - reflected in place names throughout Northern Japan including Hokkaido.

Showcasing a range of contemporary art from embroidery to carvings, Ramat Kor Kur celebrates Ainu culture while highlighting the special relationship between Ainu and Māori with documentation of the Aotearoa Ainu Mosir Exchange Program by Japanese photographer Yasuhiro Iguchi.

The exhibition coincides with an important milestone in Ainu-Māori relations. It marks 100 years since the 1924 world tour of Ratana founder, Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana, during which he befriended Japan's Bishop Juji Nakata of His Holiness Church.

The Foundation supported the exhibition of Ramat Kor Kur through our Arts Project Fund