Jessie Wong,
CEO, Yu Mei

In 2018, Jessie travelled to Thailand as part of the Foundation's fashion delegation.

Tama Toki,
Aotea, CEO and Founder

In May of 2017, Tama travelled alongside four other leading Kiwi food and beverage entrepreneurs to Malaysia and Singapore. 

Adrien Taylor

Adrien Taylor is founder of Offcut, a company that uses fabric offcuts to make hats and caps. He founded the company after a 2015 visit to his father’s curtain warehouse in Christchurch where he saw a…

Morgan Maw,
Bonnie Goods Founder

Morgan is the founder of Bonnie Goods, an artisanal oatcake maker.

Samantha Jones,
Little Yellow Bird, CEO and Founder

Samantha is the founder and CEO of Little Yellow Bird, a uniform and apparel company.

Sharee Wilkinson,
Moka Ceo and Founder

Sharee Wilkinson is CEO and founder of Moka Premium Eco Fibre Lashes. 

Eric Chuah,
The Cookie Project, Co-founder and Director

Eric is the co-founder and director of The Cookie Project – a social enterprise that employs Kiwis with disabilities to make delicious cookies.

Magellan Fetalino,
Acudeen, Founder and CEO

Magellan is the founder and CEO of Acudeen Technologies, an online peer-to-peer marketplace for receivables discounting in the Philippines.

Passawee (Patsy) Kodaka,
Folkcharm, Founder and Managing Director

Patsy is the founder and managing director of Folkcharm, a social and ethical enterprise creating sustainable apparel and accessories.

Uyen Le,
Viet Trang Business Development Manager

Uyen is the business development manager at Viet Trang, a leading artisanal and sustainable handicraft company.

Taro Jinda-apiraksa,
Take Me Tour, Co-Founder and CEO

Taro is the CEO and co-founder of Take Me Tour, an award winning and online marketplace connecting tourists with local guides in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Arvin Singh,
2Spicy Entertainment, CEO

Arvin is CEO of 2Spicy Entertainment, an experience management company headquartered in Kuala Lumpur.