Student workshops

Student workshops can be delivered online or face to face to increase student’s knowledge and awareness of Asia. Workshops provide authentic, hands-on ways for students to build cultural competency in different curriculum areas through a range of experiences such as Rakugo storytelling and Wushu kung fu.

Currently we are offering both face-to-face and online workshops to offer flexibility to schools. Workshops are funded by the Asia New Zealand Foundation and available to schools at no cost.

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About the workshops


Face-to-face workshops will be delivered in schools for classes. Online workshops will be delivered via a combination of livestreaming and pre-recorded videos using the same platforms your school uses for online learning. Workshops are delivered by external organisations.


Each workshop is designed for one lesson (45-60 mins).


We can provide two workshops per school as an initial trial. if your school would like to run more workshops, check out Experience Asia funding.

 Currently we have three  student workshops focusing on different curriculum areas and a comedy performance for staff:

  • Rakugo workshop - Drama, English and Japanese. Rakugo workshops are available face-to-face in Auckland and online in all other regions. 
  • Wushu kung fu workshop – PE, Mandarin and social studies. Wushu kung fu workshops are available face-to-face in Auckland and Waikato and online in all regions.
  • Kendō workshop – PE, social studies and Japanese.
  • Comedy for staff performance. 

Rakugo workshop

Rakugo practitioner Hiroshi Nakatsuji speaking to a group of students

Students can experience traditional Japanese storytelling and learn about the rules and props used to create kobanashi (short stories).

Workshops can be delivered in English or a combination of Japanese and English, and are suitable for all levels, especially for drama, English and Japanese classes

Worksheets will be provided after the online workshop to guide students through creating their own Rakugo story.

Rakugo available face-to-face in Auckland and online in all regions and are delivered by English Rakugo New Zealand.

To find out more and book in a Rakugo workshop please contact education advisor Yasheeka Bertram: [email protected]

Wushu kung fu workshop

A man demonstrating Wushu kung fu moves

Students will learn the history and background of Wushu while practising basic steps and movements of Chinese kung fu.

Students will also learn some cultural etiquette and apply basic steps and movements to learn three different routines.

Workshops are suitable for all levels of physical education and Chinese language classes. Workshops delivered by New Zealand Wushu.

To find out more and book in a Wushu workshop, please contact education advisor Yasheeka Bertram: [email protected]

Kendō workshop

Three people wearing kendo protective clothing and face masks

Students experience a series of two interactive workshops to learn about the background of Kendō and how participation can have a positive influence on hauora (well-being).

Students will practice basic Kendō movements such as how to stand, holding a shinai and striking.

Workshops are suitable for all levels of physical education, social studies and Japanese language classes. Workshops delivered by Dan and Yoshimi Fujukawa.

Staff performance

School departments or staff can enjoy Japanese comedy through a rakugo performance. Performances can be tailored to suit your staff and will be delivered via Zoom. Suggested timing is between 30-45 mins.

To find out more and book in a staff performance, please contact education advisor Yasheeka Bertram: [email protected]