About our
education programme

Our Education programme provides New Zealand educators with the knowledge, resources and experiences to equip their students to thrive in Asia.

Watch our video Equipping Your Child to thrive in the Asian Century

We take educators to Asia for in-country experiences*, provide Asia-focused curriculum resources, run workshops for students and teachers and offer funding for Experience Asia events in schools.

As New Zealand’s present and future – economically, culturally, and socially – are firmly tied to Asia, we encourage all educators to inspire their students to Think Asia.

* Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the way the Foundation delivers some programmes will change to account for the Covid situation here and in Asia.

Think Asia

Think Asia is how the Asia New Zealand Foundation is framing our various pathways for young New Zealanders to equip themselves to thrive in Asia.

Think of it as a coherent pathway from early childhood to entry into the work force showing where the Asia New Zealand Foundation can provide opportunities for young New Zealanders to gain knowledge, awareness, confidence and even experience Asia.

Educators Network

We offer free events to help school leaders and teachers to better equip students for their future with Asia. We also offer funding for holding Asia-focussed events at your school.

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Support for Asian Language Learning in Schools

We promote and collaborate with language learning providers who offer quality, cost-effective programmes for schools.

Sister school relationships

Linking with a school in Asia is a valuable way for New Zealand schools to make their staff, students and communities more Asia-equipped.

Students sitting at a low table using chopsticks to eat

Exchanges and visits are a key part of a sister school relationship

The ongoing nature of sister school relationships means staff and students can develop strong friendships and links.

Through these connections, participants can improve their knowledge and understanding of Asian cultures.

Online student workshops

Student workshops can be delivered online or face to face to increase student’s knowledge and awareness of Asia.

Workshops provide authentic, hands-on ways for students to build cultural competency in different curriculum areas through a range of experiences such as Rakugo storytelling, Bollywood dance, taiko drumming and Wushu kung fu.