NZ cleantech delegation heading to South Korea

Eleven business leaders from New Zealand's ESG and clean technology sectors will travel to South Korea in May to explore the country's growing sustainable solutions market and make connections.

Organised by the Asia New Zealand Foundation Te Whītau Tūhono and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), the programme is designed to support New Zealand ESG and cleantech businesses interested in the Korean market.  

The Foundation will support seven emerging business leaders to join another four business leaders for NZTE's bespoke programme. 

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers, South Korea is making significant investments in sustainability initiatives and industrial decarbonisation, building on its strengths in innovation and research and development.

This creates opportunities for New Zealand businesses that offer innovative technological solutions in the sector, says the Foundation's director business, Nick Siu.

"We're taking high-potential emerging business leaders and founders to help them learn about the Korean market.  

"The connections they make can provide ongoing support and knowledge sharing, ultimately helping New Zealand businesses succeed in Asia."   

The New Zealand delegates are from companies working on solutions to address global sustainability challenges.  

The programme will provide them with a deeper understanding of the Korean market, including innovation trends, government regulations and investment networks. 

Acting Trade Commissioner at NZTE Seoul Jeong-Yob Park says, “This visit is designed to benefit participating businesses and further collaboration between New Zealand and South Korean businesses.

"With stringent sustainability mandates and regulations, New Zealand's cleantech solutions can play a part to support South Korea's commitment to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.”  

The visit will provide an opportunity for the New Zealand businesses to showcase their own cleantech solutions to potential Korean partners and investors. This could lead to new collaborations that help advance sustainability efforts in both countries. 

The seven delegates who have been selected and funded by the Asia New Zealand Foundation are: 

  • Matthew Jackson, co-founder of Alimentary Systems, a company that leads a circular waste-to-value model, contributing to clean energy, water quality, biodiversity and emissions reduction. 
  • Fiona Bycroft, CEO and co-founder of Naut Ltd, a company that designs electric propulsion systems for boats sized 6-12m, enabling emission-free, quiet boating experiences. 
  • Mark Chadderton, CEO of Aspiring Materials, a company that offers a refined mineral process converting magnesium-rich rocks into products while offsetting CO2 emissions. 
  • Dr. Olivia Ogilvie, CEO and co-founder of Opo Bio, a company that has pioneered cultivated meat technology. 
  • Alex Hong, director of Upcycle Ltd, which specialises in e-waste and battery recycling with the capabilities to recycle over 400 electronic items. 
  • Matt Kennedy-Good, president of Neocrete, a company that develops resilient, regenerative and carbon-zero concrete. 
  • Tim Hawkey, co-founder of EnergyBank Ltd, which provides long-duration energy storage solutions for the floating offshore wind market. 

 The Foundation delegates will be joined by four NZTE customer delegates: 

  • Jay Kim, chief product officer, and Vincent Ledoux-Pedailles, chief commercial officer, of CarbonScape Limited, a company that creates technology for sustainable, high-quality biographite made from renewable materials. 
  • Colum Rice, CFO and head of strategy of Mint Innovation, which recovers critical and precious metals from circuit boards, server blades, and other end-of-life electronics. 
  • Glen Willoughby, CEO of NILO, a company that converts plastic waste into reusable, low-energy binding agents that are used to make safer and environmentally friendly products. 
  • Clint Van Marrewijk, co-founder and director of Zelandez, a company that specialises in lithium brine technology and serves over 70% of lithium brine explorers and producers in the world.   

The trip is taking place between May 25 to 31, 2024. 

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