Tata Consultancy Services
internship, Mumbai

The Asia New Zealand Foundation invites second to final year undergraduate students specialising in computer science, ICT, software engineering and business to apply for an internship in India with the Tata Consultancy Services over the 2019/2020 summer.

The successful intern will take part in an IT consultancy work experience and corporate social responsibility internship programme run annually for New Zealand and Australian students. 

Applications for this opportunity are not currently being accepted.


About the internship

The intern will join a team engaged in various aspects of information technology (IT) research and business and will be given a specific project or meaningful work to do.

A mentoring supervisor will be assigned to monitor the intern’s professional development and overall welfare. This is a good opportunity for students that have not previously had access to explore India’s multicultural and diverse business environment.

The successful applicant will have the opportunity to:

  • join a team engaged in information technology research and business
  • work on projects related to TCS’s Australian and New Zealand clients
  • take part in corporate social responsibility activities run by TCS.

The internship will take place for four weeks between mid-January 2020 and the end February 2020.

What's covered

The Foundation will cover the cost of:

  • return airfares to India
  • accommodation
  • travel insurance.

The Foundation and Tata Consultancy Services will provide a stipend to cover living expenses.

The intern will be required to contribute NZ$500 towards their living expenses.

TCS will provide advise on suitable accommodation for the intern.

The Asia New Zealand Foundation and TCS will jointly deliver pastoral care and introduce the intern to public and private sector networks in Mumbai.


Applicants must be:

  • New Zealand citizens or permanent residents
  • in good health
  • due to complete at least two years of tertiary study by November 2020
  • adaptable, mature, reliable and resilient
  • willing to experience Indian working environment
  • interested in pursuing a career involving India and the wider Asian region.

Ideal candidates will have an interest in the national culture of India and aspire to develop their capacity for working in cross-cultural environments.

Terms and conditions

Applicants should be willing to:

  • take out appropriate travel insurance (subsidised by the Foundation)
  • contribute $500 to their living costs while offshore
  • contribute a 600-word article with photographs for the Foundation’s website while offshore
  • write a final three-page report evaluating the internship experience
  • participate in Foundation professional development activities and networking events after they return from India.

Read the Foundations full terms and conditions for grantees and interns

How to apply

Applications for this opportunity are not currently being accepted.

* Due to COVID-19, the way the Foundation delivers some programmes will change to reflect restrictions around gathering and travel.


For more information phone 09 369 5014.