Nutrition Technologies internship, Malaysia

The Asia New Zealand Foundation supports third and fourth year undergraduate/post-graduate students in business, engineering and nutrition technology to apply for an internship in Johor, southern Malaysia. If you are passionate about the start-up ecosystem and agriculture, we encourage you to apply for this opportunity.

About Nutrition Technologies

Nutrition Technologies is a growth-stage AgriTech business, operating in Malaysia. They are pioneering the insects-as-feed industry and recycling nutrients from industrial food waste (such as pineapple pulp and palm kernel cake) into high grade proteins and oils for the animal and aqua feed industries.

Nutrition Technologies have developed their own award-winning processes and technology, and have received two rounds of seed funding to establish their pilot production facility.

Applications for this opportunity are not currently being accepted.

* Due to COVID-19, the way the Foundation delivers some programmes will change to reflect restrictions around gathering and travel.

What the intern will do

During the internship, the successful intern will be placed in the Nutrition Technologies office in Johor, southern Malaysia. The internship will take place over three months (less than 90 days), departing late November 2019 and finishing in February 2020. 

The intern will be given a specific project or meaningful work relivent to their area of study and a mentoring supervisor will be assigned to monitor the intern’s professional development.

Interns with an engineering background

Interns with an engineering background will support the engineering team in their day-to-day responsibilities, as well as engaging with the senior management team in the longer-term development planning of the scale-up facility. He/she would support the team in critical areas such as:

  • Process engineering
  • System design, mapping and planning
  • Machinery and equipment research
  • Designing and building prototypes of custom equipment
  • Supporting patent applications
  • Data collection from factory production processes
  • Workflow and efficiency analysis.

Interns with a business background

Interns with a business background will have the opportunity to support the sales and marketing team, both in their day-to-day responsibilities and developing marketing plans and strategies for future expansion.

He/she will support the team in critical areas such as:

  • Designing and developing a suite of marketing materials, including brochures, product specification sheets, exhibition stands, flyers.
  • Developing and executing a digital and social media marketing strategy
  • Compiling and analyzing market information
  • Surveying potential clients and suppliers
  • Working with the technical team to write and release content on recent product development and trial results
  • Consolidating data into actionable items, databases, reports, and presentations
  • Supporting the executive team in fundraising - identifying potential investors and events, preparing pitch documents.

Internship eligibility

Applicants must:

  • be New Zealand citizens or have New Zealand permanent resident status
  • have recently completed or due to complete a commerce and/or engineering degree by November 2020
  • in good health
  • able to demonstrate a strong interest in biotechnology or agriculture
  • adaptable, mature, reliable and resilient
  • interested in pursuing a career involving Malaysia and the wider Asian region.

Local language ability is not required as English is widely spoken in the office.

How are costs covered?

The internship costs will be split between the Asia New Zealand Foundation, Nutrition Technologies and the intern.

Nutrition Technologies and the Foundation will provide a grant as a subsidy to cover round-trip airfares to and from Malaysia, travel insurance, living expenses, and accommodation. The selected intern will be required to contribute NZ$500 of their own funds to cover some living expenses while offshore.  

Management of the programme

The Foundation manages the recruitment process and post-offshore professional development activity. Pastoral care is delivered jointly by the Foundation and Nutrition Technologies. Nutrition Technologies manages delivery of the in-country professional development

Internship terms and conditions

The successful applicant will be required to agree to the standard terms and conditions for Asia New Zealand Foundation funding recipients.

Read the full Terms and Conditions (PDF- 418KB)

Reporting requirements

Foundation interns are expected to:

  • write a 600-word article with accompanying photos on their internship that will appear on the Foundation’s website (to be submitted during the internship) and write a final three-page report evaluating the internship experience at the end of the programme.
  • seek opportunities to share their experience on their return to New Zealand
  • remain engaged with the Asia New Zealand Foundation.

Sharing the experience with others is an important part of this initiative as it enlightens others about developments in Asia. 

How to apply for the internship

Applications for this opportunity are not currently being accepted.

* Due to COVID-19, the way the Foundation delivers some programmes will change to reflect restrictions around gathering and travel.


For more information phone 09 369 5014.