Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency internship, Thailand

This is a unique opportunity for third and fourth year undergraduate / post-graduate students in aerospace, electrical, mechanical or computer engineering to work in the space industry. If you are passionate about building your career in the space industry, we encourage you to apply for this opportunity.

About Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency

Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA) is a Thai government agency that focuses on efficient management and operation for geo-informatics applications in Thailand. Its objective is to develop geo-informatics and space technology as non-boundary knowledge for the country’s development.

The 2022 application round has closed

What the intern will do

During the internship, the intern will be placed in the GISTDA office in Thailand.

The internship will take place over three months starting in January 2023 and finishing in March. 

The intern will be given a specific project or meaningful work relevant to their area of study and a mentoring supervisor will be assigned to monitor the intern’s professional development.

Depending on their academic background, tasks may include:

  • researching and analysing information to develop satellite designs and solve problems.
  • testing satellites to find and correct potential problems and ensure compliance with quality, safety, and functionality requirements.
  • testing materials to be used in satellite designs.
  • designing and assembling control panels, propulsion systems, guiding systems, computer systems, and other necessary parts and systems.
  • writing design proposals, reports, manuals, and other technical documents.

Internship eligibility

Applicants must:

  • be New Zealand citizens or have New Zealand permanent resident status
  • have recently completed an engineering degree, or due to complete one by November 2023
  • be in good health
  • be able to demonstrate a strong interest in Aerospace
  • be adaptable, mature, reliable, and resilient
  • be interested in pursuing a career involving Thailand and / or the wider Asian region.

Local language ability is not required as English is widely spoken in the office.

How are costs covered?

The Foundation will cover: 

  • airfares
  • a travel insurance subsidy
  • accommodation costs
  • most living costs. 

The intern will be required to contribute NZ$500 of their own funds to cover some living expenses while offshore 

Management of the programme

The Foundation manages the recruitment process and post-offshore professional development activity.

Pastoral care is delivered jointly by the Foundation, Asia Internship Programme (AIP), and GISTDA.

GISTDA and AIP manages delivery of the in-country professional development.

Internship terms and conditions and reporting requirements

The successful applicant will be required to agree to the standard terms and conditions for Asia New Zealand Foundation funding recipients.

Read the full Terms and Conditions (PDF- 418KB)

Reporting requirements

Foundation interns are expected to:

  • write a 600-word article with accompanying photos on their internship that will appear on the Foundation’s website (to be submitted during the internship) and write a final three-page report evaluating the internship experience at the end of the programme.
  • seek opportunities to share their experience on their return to New Zealand
  • remain engaged with the Asia New Zealand Foundation on their return.

Sharing the experience with others is an important part of this initiative as it enlightens others about developments in Asia. 

How to apply for the internship

The 2022 application round has closed

Key dates

  • Applications must be submitted by 5pm, 10 October 2022. 
  • Shortlisted applicants will be notified by the end of October 2022. 
  • Short-listed applicants will be invited to an in-person or online panel interview to select the successful candidate. 
    The successful candidate will be advised in mid-November 2022. 
  • All selected interns will be supported to attend a group induction day in Auckland in late November 2022. 


If you have a question about the internships, first check Frequently Asked Questions page and if your question is not answered there, please email the Foundation's project coordinator internships Bobae Wilson: [email protected]