Strategic Arts Partnership Fund

Our Strategic Arts Partnership Fund is to build long-term partnerships with major organisations to enable the delivery of projects, events or festivals that give New Zealanders significant opportunities to increase their confidence in engaging with Asia through the arts. (Image: The Dreamer – Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre & Gecko, Auckland Arts Festival 2019)

About the fund

This fund allows the Foundation to engage at a more strategic level with New Zealand’s major performing and visual arts organisations and festivals, both in the major centres and in regional New Zealand.

How does the Strategic Arts Partnership Fund differ from the Arts Project Fund?

The foundation is looking for a major impact on a large number of New Zealanders over an extended timeframe and/or a wide geographic area, rather than a single one-off project with a limited set of outcomes.

Who is it for?

Major national or regional arts organisations such as galleries, venues or festivals that have:

  • a strong track record of artistic and financial achievement
  • consistently high levels of attendance across extended periods and /or geographic areas
  • ongoing significant stakeholder support at a regional or national level.

How to apply

There is no formal process of application; partnerships are instead developed over an extended period on a case by case basis in discussion with the Foundation.

If you wish to discuss this programme in more detail please contact us at