IN TOUCH – Aotearoa artists and their continued connections with Asia

Covid-19 has made it harder for New Zealanders to experience Asia – but the arts offer a way to bridge the gap, helping us gain understanding and confidence about the region and its peoples. With that in mind, the Foundation would like to hear from New Zealand arts practitioners who have previously participated in our programmes, and who are interested in their work being shared via digital channels.

The Foundation wishes to commission 10 arts practitioners up to $5,000 each to produce a work suitable for presentation on our digital channels, enabling us to reach a wide audience of New Zealanders. 

Practitioners are requested to create a work that will enable New Zealanders to gain an understanding of the deep, ongoing bonds that connect Asia and New Zealand, despite the current global travel restrictions that are in place. 

The works may draw on the practitioner’s own connections or experiences with Asia that were established during the project that was previously supported by the Foundation or may reflect new ideas or connections with Asia. 

As the works will be held on the Foundation’s digital channels – mainly our website, Facebook and Instagram – they will need to be appropriate and accessible to our digital audience. This is predominantly young New Zealanders aged 15 to 35 who have an interest in Asia.  

The selected works will come from a range of fields and will provide a diversity of material. Some possible suggestions for the genre of work suitable for our digital channels are:

  • a short performance piece (e.g. dance, music, spoken word) 
  •  a multi-media/digital artwork 
  •  a series of photographs  
  •  a piece of music accompanied by photographs  
  •  a piece of visual or object art that can be photographed.

Deadline for submission: 9am on Monday 31 August 2020. 

Technical requirements

In order to be suitable for distribution on our digital channels, the works must be provided as:  

Recorded moving image (maximum three-minute duration). 

  • Video format: landscape format, with dimensions 16:9 or portrait format, with dimensions 9:16 
  • Audio format : 256 kbps Mp3 or ACC format, or Flac if space is a concern  


  • Static images: minimum file size per photograph is 800KB, maximum is 5MB. 

Call for Proposals

If you are eligible to apply, please send through a concept outline (max. 2 pages) for the work you wish to create that includes: 

  • your background working with Asia and with the Foundation 
  • the work that you wish to create and the timeframe you will need 
  • how the work reflects or builds on the links you established with Asia due to the support provided previously by the Foundation  
  • your rationale for how this will allow New Zealanders to understand the ongoing bonds that connect Asia and New Zealand. 

Please email your outline to: [email protected]

 Deadline for submission: 9am on Monday 31 August 2020.

For any further information, please contact Craig Cooper, director arts, at [email protected]