Arts Project Fund

The Arts Project Fund supports New Zealand professional arts companies, events and organisations to deliver projects that will grow New Zealanders' awareness and knowledge of Asian arts.


The next application round will open mid-2025

Banner image: New Zealand Dance Company; photo John McDermott

Who can apply?

  • Established arts organisations with a track record of professional presentation e.g. galleries, festivals, performing arts venues etc.
  • Independent event organisers of high-profile professional arts events, including festival directors, curators or producers.
  • Professional event organisers from an organisation whose primary business is not arts but where the event is primarily focused on the delivery of professional arts experiences to a wide audience e.g.  local/regional councils, council-controlled entities.

Applications will not be accepted from:

  • Organisers without a professional track record or organisations that are not primarily arts organisations e.g. schools, clubs, student groups, religious groups etc.
  • Organisations not resident in New Zealand

What kind of projects are supported?

The Foundation's Arts Project Fund is for:

  • the presentation of contemporary professional work from Asia that is aimed at attracting a general New Zealand audience
  • the presentation of new, contemporary works by New Zealand-based artists that strongly reflect a contemporary Asian perspective
  • presentation of professional artists or arts commentators from Asia in discussions or conversations in a conference or festival context
  • workshop/education projects that use senior international art form experts from an Asian background and allow for widespread participation.

What kind of projects do we not support?

Arts project funding is not for;

  • community events that are largely social in nature or have a limited audience, or that primarily benefit the applicant community.
  • New Zealand work being shown off-shore.
  • projects related to film or book production or research.
  • promotional or speaking engagements offshore.
  • projects run by diplomatic posts or business groups where the artists or art work is used primarily for promotional purposes.
  • projects that have already been completed or where ongoing assistance is requested for the same project.

What can funding cover?

  • Artist costs, including artist fees, land transfers within New Zealand, international and/or national travel and freight costs, and visa costs .
  • Venue and technical costs for the presentation of the artists/art work in New Zealand.
  • Marketing and promotion costs where the campaign is directed at accessing a mainstream New Zealand audience.

How much can you apply for?

Applicants may request up to $20,000 from this fund.

The total amount provided will be influenced by the impact and reach the project has with a general New Zealander audience.

Terms and conditions

Successful applicants will be required to agree to the standard terms and conditions for Asia New Zealand Foundation funding recipients.

 Foundation funding recipients are expected to:

  • provide a 500-600 word article for the Asia New Zealand Foundation website, including photos (to be submitted while undertaking the grant activity or within two weeks of completion).
  • submit a report on their experience accounting for how the grant money was spent (further details will be provided to successful applicants)
  • remain engaged with the Asia New Zealand Foundation.

Please read the full terms and conditions

Applicants must submit reports on any outstanding funds they have received previously from the Foundation, before a new application will be considered. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

It should be noted that the Asia New Zealand Foundation is liable to inspection by the Office of the Auditor General. Therefore, all successful applicants will be required to account for the spending of funds received. The Foundation will require the funds to be returned if their use cannot be adequately accounted for.

How to apply

Information on how to apply will be made available prior to the next application round opening mid-2025.