Asia Perspectives on NZ: April 24-30

What are the English-language media in Asia saying about New Zealand? We look at the latest headlines from the region and from Asian media in New Zealand.

Asia-Pacific commemorates ANZAC Day

Anzac Da

Ceremonies across the region honour veterans, as New Zealand and Malaysia work to repatriate the remains of Kiwi soldiers.

NZ immigration continues to draw interest

Record immigration numbers and heated debate within New Zealand are keeping the topic in the spotlight in Asia.

South Koreans in NZ flock to voting booths

Former South Korean president Park Geun Hye

Citizens from South Korea last week cast their ballots in Auckland and Wellington, as a record number of overseas citizens registered to elect the next president following the impeachment of Park Geun-hye.

NZ spied on Japan at whaling meeting: report

According to classified United States National Security Agency documents released by Edward Snowden, New Zealand government spies helped the US collect information on Japan efforts on whaling proposals.

Philippines inspired by Middle Earth success 

Sir Peter Jackson in Hobbiton

Citing the success of the Lord of the Rings films in promoting New Zealand, a Philippines senator is proposing tax incentives for foreign film-makers.

NZ leads on Asia-Pacific press freedom

New Zealand tops the Press Freedom Index for the Asia-Pacific but falls eight slots overall, as media freedom globally falls under threat.

'No evidence' diplomat insulted Maori king

Taiwan's foreign ministry has disputed claims a diplomat made comments calling the Maori king "useless", amid concerns for relations between Taiwan and the Maori community in New Zealand.

Australia, NZ gain favour with Indian students

The University of Otago

More Indians are heading to universities in the southern hemisphere, due to immigration changes and a rise in anti-foreigner sentiment in the United Kingdom and United States.

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2 May 2017