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Youkobo Art Space, Japan

Based in Tokyo with over 12 years of experience of hosting international artists, Youkobo has developed a unique residence program focused on supporting the creative activities of its participants.

Watch a short video showing images of the Youkobo Art Space

While providing an environment conducive to work in the studio, Youkobo has become a vital platform for exchange between artists of different backgrounds and genres through its residency and gallery program. At the same time, it provides opportunities for engagement with the local community and wider art scene through an extensive domestic and international network.

The Youkobo artist residency program aims to give participating artists, curators, and researchers an enriching experience in the realization of their projects/research in Japan.

Participants are selected based on the strength of their proposals and its suitability to the Youkobo facilities, as well as the quality of previous work.

This residency is supported in partnership with Creative New Zealand.

Residency details

This residency is for people working in the visual arts.

Grant: NZ$9000

Date: Sept-Nov 2018

How to apply

2018 artist in residence

Kalisolaite Uhila
Uhila plans to connect with the Tongan diaspora who have relocated to Tokyo. “I want to understand the ways in which Tongan culture has adapted to Asian society," he sya. "My focus will be on time: how time is used and how time changes in relation to space and people."

Past recipients

Richard Maloy (2017) - Artist molds memories in clay on tokyo residency - read Richard's account of his time at YouKobo Artspace
Deanna Dowling (2016)
Eddie Clemens (2015)