Skanray - healthcare-tech internship, India

This internship is aimed at New Zealand tertiary students studying engineering and other STEM subjects, who are interested in developing a career with an Asia dimension.

The 2017 application round for this internship has now closed.

People in lab coats looking at pieces of equipment in a room

The internship is with leading international healthcare technology company Skanray, which specialises in high frequency x-ray imaging systems, critical care, dental care, primary healthcare and telemedicine devices.

Skanray's headquarters are in Mysore, India, but the company has offices around India and in other parts of the world.

About the internship

The internship is for three to six months depending on the successful applicants' preference and will run between late November through to late February. 

Successful candidates will be placed at Skanray’s head office in Mysore, where they will be given meaningful and interesting work. The intern will be assigned to a senior manager who will act as a mentoring supervisor.

Engineering students who are confident, mature and interested in developing a career with a South Asia dimension are strongly encouraged to apply.  The internship will be particularly interesting for students specialising in:

  • mechanical engineering
  • electrical and electronic engineering
  • computer systems engineering
  • software engineering/embedded systems
  • polymers and specialty plastics
  • image processing.

Local language ability is not required as English is widely spoken in the office.

Shortlisted applicants, whose applications proceed past the first interview stage in New Zealand, will have an opportunity to meet a representative of Skanray at the second interview stage of the selection process.

For more information about Skanray, please visit their website.


Applicants must be:

  • New Zealand citizens or have New Zealand permanent resident status
  • studying at a university with the intention of returning to New Zealand continue studying
  • able to demonstrate a strong interest in developing a career involving New Zealand and the South Asian region
  • prepared to share their experience via the Foundation’s website and at suitable fora on his/her return to New Zealand
  • willing to participate in Foundation activities following the internship such as panel discussions, roundtables and school talks.

While local language ability is of course useful in India, it is not a pre-requisite for this opportunity.

How are the costs covered?

The costs will be split between the Foundation, host and the intern.

The Foundation provides a grant to cover return airfares to Mysore and a financial grant to cover insurance, some living expenses and accommodation costs.

An agent contracted by the Foundation will provide pastoral care and arrange suitable accommodation. Accommodation options will be discussed with the successful applicants prior to departure.

The interns who are studying will be required to contribute $500 towards covering living costs (e.g. weekend travel, evening entertainment, some food).

Successful interns are asked not to apply to other New Zealand government-funded organisations to defray the costs of this internship.

How to apply

Please email your CV, a succinct covering letter that outlines your motivation for applying and academic transcripts to:

For more information phone 09 369 5014.

Terms and conditions

Successful applicants will be required to agree to the standard Terms and Conditions for Asia New Zealand Foundation funding recipients.

Reporting Requirements

Foundation grantees are expected provide reports on their experience, seek opportunities to share their experience on their return to New Zealand, and remain engaged with the Asia New Zealand Foundation. Sharing your experience with others is an important part of this initiative as it enlightens others about developments in Asia. 

Interns are required to write a 600 word article (with photos) on their internship experience (to be submitted during or no longer than a month after returning from the internship) that will appear on the Foundation’s website. Within a month of returning to New Zealand, the Foundation requires the intern to complete a 3-page narrative report about the internship.


For more information phone 09 369 5014.