We offer Asia-focused business seminars and networking opportunities in New Zealand and internships in Asia

Opportunity: Business Internships in Asia

In order to better equip New Zealand businesses to thrive in Asia, the Asia New Zealand Foundation provides opportunities for New Zealanders to work in Asia and then to bring that knowledge back with them.

The internship programme aims to help New Zealanders build a better understanding of the people, place and culture of their Asian host country.

Two business interns describe their internship experiences in Asia

Who is eligible?

The Foundation is looking for students who are interested in pursuing a career involving the Asian region and are willing to engage with the Foundation’s professional development programmes after they return.

Most of the internships are aimed at students studying business-related subjects; however, there are also a few opportunities for engineering and science students.

When do the internships take place?

The internships are advertised from the beginning of semester one and the selection process takes place in the middle months of the year.

Most students go offshore in late November, although some may go in the New Year and stay offshore for part of semester one or longer. The internships currently range in length from six weeks to six months, with most currently lasting for three months.

What's covered?

The costs related to running the internships are shared between the Foundation, host organisation and the interns, who make a contribution to their living expenses.

The Foundation, in conjunction with the host organisation, assists the interns with obtaining appropriate visas and provides pastoral care during the internship.

The internships

Applications are being accepted for the following internships:


Opportunity with New Zealand Consulate-General in Chengdu

This opportunity provides New Zealand tertiary students or recent graduates the chance to develop cultural and other professional competencies in China.


Internship with Air New Zealand, Tokyo

The Asia New Zealand Foundation invites undergraduate students who will be completing their degree during 2018 to apply for an internship in Japan with New Zealand’s award-winning airline, Air New Zealand.

Kyushu Railway Company internship in Japan

Open to Japanese-speaking graduates with a Bachelor’s degree or higher in Japanese language and engineering, management or tourism.


KPMG internship in Vietnam

A three-month internship for accounting graduates at KPMG's Vietnam offices.

Five young people dressed in suits standing in front of a Japanese shrine

The application period has yet to open for the following internships:


Experiential learning opportunity in Shanghai

The Asia New Zealand Foundation invites commerce students with a major or minor in marketing, advertising or communications to apply for an experiential learning opportunity in China with international communication agency, United Media Solution (UMS).

Gung Ho! Pizza - Beijing internship

An opportunity for final-year commerce students who have studied management, finance or marketing to apply for an internship with food service company Gung Ho! Pizza in China.

Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre

This internship is aimed at practicing lawyers under the age of 30 and law students who are interested in international dispute resolution and, in particular, international arbitration.


Skanray Technologies, India

The internship is with leading international healthcare technology company Skanray, which specialises in high frequency x-ray imaging systems, critical care, dental care, primary healthcare and telemedicine devices.


BECA internship in Southeast Asia

A six-week internship for engineering graduates at Beca's offices in Jakarta.

Baba Rafi internship, Indonesia

An internship for commerce students in Indonesia with international kebab chain Baba Rafi. 


Rakuten computer science internship, Japan 

An internship for computer-science students with global internet business Rakuten.

Mitsubishi Electric R&D, Japan

An opportunity for undergraduate and post graduate science and engineering students specialising in artificial intelligence, robotics or data analytics at Mitsubishi Electric, 2018-2019.

South Korea

Wilson Parking internship, South Korea

An opportunity for computer science and information technology students to intern in South Korea with the award-winning company, Wilson Parking.


Taiwan USA Industrial Cooperation Promotion office

A three-month internship is for senior commerce or business studies students interested in learning about business matchmaking and managing investor relations in Asia.

ANZCO Foods internship, Taiwan

An opportunity for management and marketing students to intern at the Taiwan offices of one of New Zealand's largest exporting companies.

Orient EuroPharma internship, Taiwan

An opportunity for a senior commerce or science students interested in learning about sales and marketing at a Taiwanese company that imports food ingredients from New Zealand.

ITRI internship for science, engineering and IT students, Taiwan

This 12-week internship offers third and fourth-year science, IT and engineering students an opportunity to intern at the research and development (R&D) campus of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Caravelle Saigon Hotel internship Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

An opportunity for management or marketing students with an interest in digital media, brand development or tourism and hospitality at Caravelle Saigon hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Vietnam amusement park internship for commerce students

An opportunity for commerce students to intern at Vietnam amusement park, Vinpearl Land.

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