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Occulture: The Dark Arts

Event Details


Sat 12 Aug 2017 until Sun 19 Nov 2017


10.00am until 05.00pm


City Gallery Wellington, Civic Square



Taiwanese artist  Yin-Ju Chen, who is currently  the WARE (Wellington Asia Residency Exchange) artist in Wellington, is one of 18 artists dsiplaying work at City Gallery Wellington as part of the Occulture: The Dark Arts exhibition. 

The show explores contemporary art’s role in the process of occultation (a term first used by Andre Breton in his 1930 Surrealist Manifesto).

It brings together New Zealand and international artists who push the symbolic, formal and material languages of esoteric or occult traditions into new forms.

Australian artist Mikala Dwyer casts a spell in the form of a wall painting. Dane Mitchell’s silk banners are printed with hand gestures that activate magical thinking and open up possibilities for astral perception.

The charcoal Liquidation Maps of Taiwanese artist Yin-Ju Chen link atrocities in Asia to specific astrological permutations. Fiona Pardington presents an altar in both photographic and sculptural form, while Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer Rising screens in the auditorium.

These artists all invoke magical thinking and ritual to charge the gallery space with invisible energies and forces.

Yin-Ju Chen is in Wellington with help from The Asia New Zealand Foundation and Wellington City Council.