New Zealand – Indonesia Habibie Center 10+10 Dialogue

The Asia New Zealand Foundation is offering up to 10 members of the Leadership Network and five non-members the opportunity to attend the 10+10 Dialogue with the Habibie Center in Auckland, New Zealand.

The 10+10 Dialogue will run from Friday 14 to Monday 17 April and will be held at Sustainable Coastlines’ Flagship Education Centre.

Up to fifteen participants each from New Zealand and Indonesia will be brought together for three days of discussions, meetings, cultural experiences and activities.

The theme for the 2017 dialogue is Diverse lives: Bold ideas and discussions will centre around the following topics:

  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Environmentalism/conservation issues
  • Civil society.

Selection criteria

Preference will be given to network members who:

  • are able to provide sound reasons for wanting to attend the dialogue
  • are connected and engaged with the Leadership Network and the Asia New Zealand Foundation
  • are able to demonstrate commitment to the dialogue objectives
  • can show what they can bring to the dialogue in terms of their strengths and background experience.

What’s involved

We expect that participants demonstrate their commitment to the dialogue objectives by contributing to the programme before, during, and afterwards. We will advise successful applicants about their tasks, roles, and responsibilities.

To apply

You will need to submit the following by 5pm Monday 20 March 2017

  1. A cover letter outlining reasons why you would like to attend the 2017 Dialogue. In this cover letter, please include: a) what you can contribute to the dialogue, b) what you want to get out of the dialogue, and c) which aspects of the Indonesia-New Zealand relationship is important to you and how your participation makes a difference
  2. Up to 100 word profile on yourself (to be used in the participant profiles if you are successful in your application)
  3. A photo (head and shoulders, to be used in the formal programme if you are successful in your application)

Please note that this opportunity is open for both current members of the network and non-members. Successful applicants will be expected to attend the full length of the dialogue and participate in all activities.

Send the above to Masina Taulapapa by 5pm Monday 20 March. Applicants will be notified of the outcome by 23 March via email.

*Please note that we are able to provide a letter of support should it be required.

What the Foundation will cover

All domestic travel, accommodation and on-the-ground expenses related to the programme will be covered by the Asia New Zealand Foundation.

If you have any questions, or you still need clarification around something, do not hesitate to contact Masina.