Leadership Network

We provide professional development and leadership opportunities to young professionals to support them in taking an active role in strengthening New Zealand’s relations with Asia

Leadership Network Travel Fund

The Leadership Network Travel Fund is to support members with travel to attend opportunities that will help with their further study, leadership, professional development, or building of Asian expertise and networks.

Travel Fund contributions are up to $1500 per grant and cover reimbursement of costs associated with travel, i.e. airfares or ground travel, or for accommodation if transport is provided by a host.

The Travel Fund is not for living expenses, travel insurance or any other incidental costs.

Please note that applications must be made in advance of the event and worked around the deadline dates. Retrospective funding cannot be provided.

The Travel Fund helps:

  • support network members’ professional development
  • increase network members’ Asia knowledge and skills
  • equip members to contribute to national/international networks and events
  • support members participating in workshops and conferences.

Applicants must:

  • be current members of the Asia New Zealand Foundation Leadership Network
  • be actively engaged in the network (e.g. through attendance at recent events and regional activities)
  • give sound reasons for applying for the Travel Fund. This includes outlining what skills they will gain, how it will assist professional development, and also how it contributes to the goals of the Foundation.

How to apply:

Network members must submit a completed travel fund application form (PDF - 376) outlining clearly their reasons for applying for funding. If applicable, a scanned or PDF version of proof of attendance/invitation must also be submitted.

Deadlines for 2018 applications:

29 January
11 June
24 September.

The grant process

There are 10 grants of up to $1,500 to give out per year at the discretion of the panel. If in any intake there are no candidates of sufficient merit, no grants will be made.

All applications will be assessed by a panel which will include staff from the Asia New Zealand Foundation and the Leadership Network Advisory Board.

Successful applicants will be required to meet sign an agreement for funding which will specify the conditions of their grant. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Providing a written report as well as financial records of expenses
  • Support marketing/outreach efforts (e.g. web stories, media releases)

Please send Masina an email at mtaulapapa@asianz.org.nz if you have any queries about this opportunity.

Note that travel occurring before the application deadline is not eligible for financial support. Travel must not commence within six weeks of the application deadline due to the time required by management to process applications.

You will be notified of the outcome of your application via email, no longer than six weeks after the application deadline date.