I: Project Space

Iː Project Space defines itself as a platform for international non-profit art projects setting new impulses for an independent global art.

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Situated in one of Beijing’s last remaining hutong just north of the Forbidden City, I: Project Space offers a unique opportunity to experience Beijing old and new and to experiment and realise art projects outside the art market.

This is an intensive residency with the hosts offering full support to only one artist in residence at a time. As well as realising their own project, the artist will be introduced to the Chinese art scene and culture.

The successful candidate will be expected to have a final exhibition or workshop on work produced during their residency, and to donate an edition of art prints to Iː Project Space. Participants are also encouraged to take an active role in developing the programme and are welcome to arrange seminars, workshops, guest lectures, etc.

There is a focus on performance, video, new media, conceptual art and photography; curators or other cultural professionals are welcome to apply. Due to the location of the residency musicians are not eligible.

Residency details

This residency is for people working in the visual arts.

Grant: NZ$7000

Date: May-July 2018

How to apply

2018 artist in residence

Ted Whitaker

Ted whitaker

Ted Whitaker is a Dunedin-based artist who works in the field of video, photography and installation. His research interests explore ideas of intimacy and care through media archaeology and archival techniques.

During the residency with Iː Project Space in Beijing, Ted hopes to explore e-waste systems to further his understanding of the ecological, political and ethical landscape, both as a visitor in Beijing and as a consumer. He hopes to build knowledge and understanding of Beijing and surrounding communities through ideas of communication and language, specifically within consumer electronic culture.

Previous artists in residence

Juliet Carpenter (2017)

Andrew de Freitas (2016)