Experience Asia Events

New Zealand schools have the opportunity to apply for funding for holding an event that enables their students to experience Asian cultural activities and/or increases their students’ knowledge and understanding of Asia.

The latest application round has now closed

A child's hand as he practices writing calligraphy with a brush and ink

Funding can be used by schools to cover the cost of students or adults within their school community organising cultural activities or sharing about their country of origin. Funding can also be used to cover the cost of bringing people or organisations into their school to run cultural activities or workshops.

While events that include activities from a range of Asian countries are encouraged, single country events can also be funded, especially in conjunction with festivals or language weeks.

The amount of funding schools should apply for will vary according to the size of the school and the event. As a rough guide, schools could receive funding of between $300 and $1500; however, each event will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Schools are encouraged to contact one of the Education team to discuss their event for ideas and to gauge the level of funding that they could apply for.

Applications will be considered in a series of rounds occurring each term while sufficient funds continue to be available.

How to apply

The latest application round has now closed.

To apply, scan and email your completed application form to education@asianz.org.nz.

Approval process

Applications will be assessed by a panel made up of Asia New Zealand Foundation staff and an external stakeholder.


Schools that receive funding for an event are expected to agree to the relevant terms and conditions for Asia New Zealand Foundation funding recipients and have their principal and/or key staff signed up to the Educators Network.


For more information, please contact one of the education team.