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Cemeti - Institute for Art and Society, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

For this exciting new opportunity, Cemeti – Institute for Art and Society and the Asia New Zealand Foundation are collaborating to invite one artist from New Zealand to spend three months at Cemeti in Yogyakarta Indonesia, alongside one Indonesian and one Dutch artist who will be in residence for the same period.

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About Cemeti

Cemeti – Institute for Art and Society (formerly 'Cemeti Gallery', then 'Cemeti Art House’), is the oldest platform for contemporary art in Indonesia, founded in 1988. In 2017, a new team took the helm, using 2017 to think through alternative possible futures for Cemeti. This takes the form of a one-year program of exhibitions, workshops, assemblies and working groups called Maintenance Works.

The idea is to recalibrate, envisioning Cemeti as being ‘down for maintenance’ (like a website), whilst being open to the public. By conceptually taking the institution offline, Cemeti hopes to create time and space to ask basic questions about where they are and where they want to go, beginning with: What are the key social and political urgencies in the city, country & region? What is the social and political agency of art practice? What can institutions (of art) do? What is a gallery for? How do we work together?

From February 2018 onwards, Cemeti will launch its future programme. Whilst still being developed, it starts from the ambition to connect with a diverse range of constituencies from across Yogyakarta through long-term commissions with local and international artists & researchers, residencies, an artistic and curatorial educational platform, and much more as yet unknown.

About the Residency

This residency programme encourages an open process of research and knowledge exchange, connecting residents with local artists, crafts people, curators, researchers and academics, but also a diverse range of local communities in Yogyakarta.

The driving ambition of the residency is to encourage and support artists to connect directly with these various local communities, and through their work to address key issues at stake in the local, regional and transnational context. During the residency Cemeti will provide a studio and desk space to serve as a base from which to work and venture out across the city.

Cemeti’s team will act as a discussion partner throughout with a weekly ‘Breakfast Club’ for the artists to share their interests, questions and concerns. During the course of their stay the artist-in-residence will be asked to participate in several public events. This includes Kamar Tokek (‘gecko room’); an occasional platform for residents to share anything from films, books, artworks and ideas.

The residency will culminate in a final presentation, which can take the form of an exhibition, performance, lecture, workshop or anything else that is fitting for the artists’ work and practice.

Residency details

  • This residency is open to people working in the visual arts.
  • Grant: NZ$7000
  • Date: 1 March-31 May 2018

How to apply

2018 artist in residence

Bridget Reweti

Bridget Reweti

Bridget Reweti is an artist from Ngāti Ranginui and Ngāi Te Rangi in Tauranga Moana, Aotearoa. Her lens-based practice explores landscape perspectives and contemporary indigenous realities. Bridget is part of Mata Aho Collective, a collaboration between four Māori women artists who produce large scale textile works, commenting on the complexity of Māori lives.

Bridget is excited about spending time in Yogyakarta and engaging with the vibrant art scene there. She is interested in continuing her collaborative approach to art making by exploring gift economies, rates of exchange and notions of cultural obligation.  

Past recipients

Laura Marsh (2017)

Brydee Rood (2016)

Liyen Chong (2015)

In this short video Chong describes the residency and the works she created there and on her return to New Zealand

  • Jae Hoon Lee (2014)

This year Cemeti and Asia New Zealand Foundation will also collaborate with Artspace NZ on the selection of the artist in residence.