Call for expressions of interest - Leadership Network Refugee Hui

New Zealand has been accepting refugees since the 1870s. Since World War Two, New Zealand has been a signatory to various international agreements and since 1987 have had a quota of 800 (later 750) people a year. This has recently increased to 1000 people.

A significant number of these refugees have been from Asia – from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Afghanistan, China or Sri Lanka. In some cases, such as Uganda, this has also included people of Asian ethnicity.

To discuss this rich history and to better understand the place of refugees in New Zealand, the Asia New Zealand Foundation is pleased to offer Leadership Network members the opportunity to attend the Refugee Hui in Auckland this November.

The Hui is an opportunity to listen to a host of speakers with professional and personal experience on refugee issues in both New Zealand and in Asia and to connect with other members of the Leadership Network. The Hui will not be an industry event – participants are not expected to be aware or up to date on refugee issues.

The goals of the Hui

The goals of the hui are to:

  • equip members of the network with a broad knowledge of refugee issues in New Zealand with regard to Asia
  • provide an opportunity for members to interact with and get to know each other.

Hui content

We will invite speakers to discuss the following broad themes:

  • Overview of the issue – what is a refugee? What has New Zealand signed up for? Where in Asia do New Zealand’s refugees come from?
  • Background and history of New Zealand’s approach to refugee issues. What does New Zealand do well?
  • Personal stories highlighting the positive contributions of refugees in New Zealand.
  • The future of refugees in New Zealand. What does this mean for New Zealand?

Given this is a Leadership Network event, there will also be a facilitated leadership-focused workshop to generate a call to action. This session is intended to empower Leadership Network members about how they can contribute to refugee issues as leaders and professionals.

Application process

To apply, please fill in the registration form here by 5pm Monday 9 October.

Places are limited and applicants will be notified of the outcome within one week of the closing date. Please note that participants will be expected to attend the entire hui if selected.


The hui will run from Friday 10 November to Sunday 12 November 2017 in Auckland. The venue is the Amora Hotel for both the accommodation and the event.

All costs associated with attending the Refugee Hui (return [seat only] travel, meals, planned activities, accommodation) will be met by the Asia New Zealand Foundation.

Participants will be responsible for getting to and from their local airport, and any other personal spending money.

If you have any questions, in the first instance please refer to the FAQs. If your query is not answered here, contact Masina.