Asia-focused teaching units project

Asia New Zealand Foundation is looking for creative and innovative educators to produce Asia-focused units of work for the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC). 

Units of work need to be of a high quality, engaging and align with the NZC.

If you are a whiz at creating quality and engaging resources, apply now.

We are looking for teachers to create units of work in the following areas:

Primary and Intermediate

Year 1-3

  • Food from Asia (Technology & Social Sciences Level 1 & 2)
  • Stories from Asia (English Level 1 & 2)

Year 4-6

  • Discover Indonesia (Social Sciences & English Level 3 & 4)
  • Discover Japan (Technology & English Level 3 & 4)

Year 7-8

  • Bhangra and Bollywood (The Arts Level 4 & 5)
  • Trading with Asia (Social Sciences Level 3,4 & 5)


Digital Technologies

  • Robotics: Curriculum Level 4-5 Years 9-10
  • Digital Technologies unit TBA by applicant: Curriculum Level 6 Year 11

Social Sciences

  • Youth Culture in Asia: Curriculum Level 4-5 years 9-10
  • Geography or History unit TBA by applicant Curriculum Level 7 Year 12


  • Physics unit TBA by applicant: Curriculum Level 8 Year 13


  • Sustainable living in Asia: Curriculum Level 4-5 Years 9-10

Key dates

The latest round of applications has now closed 

Successful applicants informed by: 27 March 2017

Unsuccessful applicants informed by: 30 March 

How to apply

To apply, send your completed application form and supporting documents to the address below.

Post to:
Yasheeka Bertram
Asia New Zealand Foundation
PO Box 105 134
Auckland 1143

or courier to:
Asia New Zealand Foundation
Level 6, DLA Piper Tower,
205 Queen Street
Auckland, 1143

Note: Email, fax or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Selection process

Applications will be assessed by a panel made up of Asia New Zealand staff and an external panellist. Successful applicants will be advised by 27 March.


Each unit of work will be remunerated at $3,000 (excluding GST) and payment will be made on completion of each unit in accordance with our contract.

Teachers are responsible for meeting their own tax liabilities and obligations including Income Tax, Goods and Services Tax, ACC and any other withholding tax payments, levies or duties.


The timeline below sets out the deadlines for developing Asia focused teaching units.

Step 1- Admin

  • The learning area, unit title and achievement objectives/standards of the resources to be developed are confirmed in collaboration with the teachers writing the units. 

Date for completion: Monday 3 April 2017

Step 2 – First Draft

  • The Foundation liaises with the teachers as required to ensure the first draft of the units is completed by the end of the April school holidays.

Date for completion: Monday 1 May 2017 (End of April school holidays)

Step 3 – Peer review and editing

  • The Foundation facilitates a peer review of the completed units. Feedback is given to the teachers to make any significant changes required.

Date for completion: Monday 15 May 2017

Step 4 – Final changes made

  • The Foundation conducts a final check and review of the units and supporting materials. The teachers are paid and the units are uploaded to the Foundation’s teaching resources website portal.

Date for completion: Monday 19 June 2017

Payment: Wednesday 28 June

What is required

Each unit of work is to be completed to a high quality in accordance with contractual obligations, as well as the following:

  • Assessment and marking tools are included and compatible with NZC
  • Detailed unit plan with achievement objectives outlined
  • Inclusion of interesting and engaging resources that are user-friendly and do not require too much prior preparation by teachers such as: worksheets, PowerPoints, learning activities, flashcard templates etc. Example answers must also be provided.
  • Copy masters
  • References for all images, content and information used in the unit of work

For more information, contact schools coordinator Yasheeka Bertram.