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Asia Perspectives on New Zealand: 8-14 August

What are English-language media in Asia saying about New Zealand? Here's a roundup of news and views from the region.

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Chef shows off New Zealand cuisine in Singapore

Martin Bosley wows a Channel NewsAsia presenter with Kiwi flavours.

Wellington chef Martin Bosley brought a taste of New Zealand to Singapore, as he showcased Kiwi products and the distinct culinary flavours of New Zealand mussels and beef in a televised presentation. During the segment, he also highlighted Wellington on a Plate, which features an event where Rimutaka Prison inmates mentored by Bosley will demonstrate their culinary skills.

English: Trump’s comments on N.Korea 'not helpful'

After US President Donald Trump threatened North Korea with “fire and fury” over the regime’s continued development of its weapons programmes, members of the international community called on both sides to avoid escalation. Prime Minister Bill English said given the “very tense” situation, Trump’s comments were “not helpful”. He said UN sanctions and international pressure were the path forward to avoid military confrontation.

NZ-based charity finds ancient cake in the Antarctic

A fruitcake brought by explorers to the Antarctic some 106 years ago has been found by the Antarctic Heritage Trust (AHT), a New Zealand conservation organisation. The group found the "almost edible" dessert at a hut at Cape Adare, where members of the Norther Party of Scott’s Terra Nova expedition were based from 1910 to 1913. The hut, originally built by Norwegian Carsten Borchgrevink in 1899, was among the first buildings constructed in Antarctica. The AHT is working on conserving Cape Adare artifacts, and will also soon begin conservation work on the buildings.

Kiwi coffin-builders subject of new musical doco 

The Coffin Club is a documentary on a Rotorua community group whose members build and decorate their own coffins. (Photo: The Coffin Club/Facebook)

A new musical documentary by Auckland film-maker Briar March features a Rotorua-based community group that meets once a week to construct and paint low-cost coffins. The Coffin Club, whose members are all senior citizens, celebrates life while also acknowledging the realities of mortality. Its oldest member is 94. March's film can be viewed online through Loading Docs.

NZ to invest more in defence capability

Defence Minister Mark Mitchell discussed the need to invest in New Zealand’s military capabilities with defence industry representatives last week. Over the next 15 years, the New Zealand government will invest NZ$20 billion in defence, and will give Kiwi companies opportunities to compete for a share of the investment.

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15 August 2017