Experience Asia

New Zealand schools can apply for funding to hold events that enable students to experience Asian cultural activities and/or increases their understanding of Asia.

Application rounds 2020

Term 3: 27 July - 14 August

Term 4: 19 October - 6 November

Due to uncertainty created by COVID-19 and the difficulty this has created for advanced planning, there will not be a Term 2 Experience Asia application round, with the next round now opening in Term 3. In response to COVID-19, we have developed new distance learning units to accompany our existing online resources and are currently developing online workshops for schools.

How can Experience Asia funding be used?

Funding can be used by schools/clusters to cover the cost of students or adults within their school community organising cultural activities or sharing about their country of origin.

Students at Gisborne's Waikirikiri School learnt about Chinese Culture and Language with help from an Experience Asia grant

Funding can also be used to cover the cost of bringing people or organisations into their school to run cultural activities or workshops.

While events that include activities from a range of Asian countries are encouraged, single country events can also be funded, especially in conjunction with festivals or language weeks.

Examples of Experience Asia events you can run

  • Rakugo (Japanese form of storytelling) performance and workshops in English language
  • Lantern Festival Celebration – activities including Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting, lantern making and Chinese bun and dumpling making.
  • Japan festival during Olympic 2020 – Judo workshops, Japanese tea ceremony, taiko drumming performance and sushi making workshops.
  • Celebration of India Holi Festival – henna, Hindi calligraphy, Rangoli art, lassi making and dance demonstrations.
  • Asian Awareness Day (School cluster event) – Lion and dragon dance performance and workshops, K-pop, Japanese tea ceremony, face-changing performance and Vietnamese stringed instrument workshop.  
  • Workshops for P.E. classes – wushu (Chinese kungfu), Judo and kendo.
  • Celebration of Korean Day – Korean cultural activities including hanbok, tuho, guk gung and calligraphy.
  • Learn more about Indonesia – workshops on Bahasa Indonesia, music instruments and traditional Indonesia food.
  • Taiko Drumming performance and workshops.

If you are looking for any community contacts, please contact [email protected]

How much can I apply for?

There are three levels of funding available: $500, $1,000, $1,500.

The level of funding schools/ clusters can apply for depends on the size of the event, and the breakdown of costs stated on the application.

We will consider an increased amount of funding for schools in remote areas that face higher costs to bring external performers to their area.

The grants will be paid at the time of approval. Your school will need to return funding if the event does not occur, funds are underspent by $100 or more, or not utilised as outlined in the grant. 

Schools are encouraged to contact one of the education team for ideas for their event and to gauge the level of funding that they could apply for.

Applications for school cluster events and regions are particularly welcomed.


How to apply

Information on how to apply for funding will be made available once the next application round opens on 27 July.

Approval process

Applications will be assessed by a panel made up of Asia New Zealand Foundation staff and an external stakeholder.

It will take the Foundation about three weeks after the application deadline to notify applicants of the outcome.

Terms and conditions

Schools that receive funding for an event are expected to agree to the relevant terms and conditions for Asia New Zealand Foundation funding recipients and have their principal and/or key staff signed up to the Educators Network (Join the network by signing up for the education newsletter in the footer at the bottom of this page). 

The funding will be paid at the time of approval. Schools will need to return the funds if the event does not occur, or if funds are underutilised by $100 or more or not utilised as outlined in the grant. 

Schools will need to submit evidence of appropriate grant utilisation, and materials (for example photos, video, quotes) for the Foundation to use on social media or for a website article.

What's asked of funding recipients will depend on the level of funding received:

  • $500 - photos and a short blurb of the event
  • $1000 - photos, and a 500-600 word write up of the event
  • $1500 - photo and/or video footage, student quotes, and a 500-600-word write up of the event

 All funding recipients must:

  • acknowledge Asia New Zealand Foundation’s support in any promotional material, media articles, school newsletters etc.
  • tag the Foundation using #ThinkAsia on social media coverage of event
  • provide contact details for cultural groups utilised for event
  • complete an online survey following the event.

Asia New Zealand Foundation is audited by Audit New Zealand. All successful applicants will be required to account for the spending of funds received when requested. The Foundation will require the funds to be returned if their use cannot be adequately accounted for.


For more information, please contact education adviser Mei Law: [email protected]